Special Containers

Expert on global transportation of special containers. By working closely with shipping lines, packing companies and trucking fleets. We can ensure safe and timely delivery at competitive price. Just send us the weight & size of each package. We will help design the best packing plan and transportation route.

Import Solutions

China is rising to become one of the largest world economy. Either you are a foreign company aiming to penetrate into Chinese market or a Chinese company importing from other nations. JNJ resides locally to streamline the import process ,facilitate communication with China customs to propel cargo release.

Event Logistics

We help Chinese companies who exhibit in the overseas to control the whole supply chain. From customs formalities to return freight, Let us do all the work so you can rest in peace.We can handle ATA carnet shipments under very tight schedule with good price and you can tap on our reservoir to save good money.

Why us?

Choose JNJ Logistics as your business Partner , start to enjoy our expertise in the trade and freight forwarding sectors. We are a dynamic group which is formed by professionals with international perspective. Our common goal is to deliver quality logistics solutions for customers who are doing international trade.

We are working with our local and oversea partners which are strategically selected with its repective advantages for customers’ logistic needs. In this competitive world, delivering quality solutions with values are much more important than waging price wars against our competition. What makes us stand out is our way of doing business: Partnership, Cost Control and Process Streamlining.

Who should come to us?

  • Foreign companies who want to explore chinese market and bring their goods and services to chinese consumers.
  • Chinese companies who expand into overseas market and exhibit their products in other nations.
  • Any company who want to reduce logistical cost (by directly working with the local insider -JNJ) without compromising the service quality and losing the personal touch.
  • Any person who are doing international trade and donot want to be bothered by legally opening an office here in China